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All Mixed Up

September 9, 2014

When it comes to styling I find myself in one of two extremes – either classic silhouettes and forms, or edgy mixed up colors, patterns, and textures. This styling is definitely in the second category.


I wanted something retro with almost a grunge yet modern twist. It started with the jacket. A leather jacket like this one transforms so many outfits! It’s a classic that is fun to mix with almost anything. When it comes to leather, I cannot help but think of contrasting textures. Sleek and shiny is lovely, but now I want something matte to set against it.

These shorts have an incredible texture and the color is brilliant. The high waist brings the texture right up against the jacket for that extra pop. And since we were mixing things up, I thought why not go all out and include a print. Yes, I went for it- animal print shoes. This while black and white pair with a funky modern heel made the look fun and edgy.

I decided to balance the overall look with a classic and sleek updo. The neck on the jacket is so lovely I didn’t want it to get lost in my hair.


Faux Leather Biker Jacket, Embroidered Red Shorts, and Animal Print Shoes are all from yessstyle.com

The material and texture of the shorts make me think of fall, but the cut is very much a summer style. As summer ends and fall makes its appearance, I thought now would be the time to bring them out.

Now that I’ve fallen deep into the wild style extreme, I’m ready to begin styling for fall with some classics! What style mood are you in this fall?


PS – The photos included in this post are from the amazing photographer, Alisa Matthews! I have been fortunate to work with her for this fashion session and am thrilled with her style. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ♥


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Why I Love Lace + Ruffles

April 28, 2014

Texture adds so much to style. You already know my obsession with lace (I cannot help myself, it’s wonderful every time) – but what I would like to focus on today is the beauty that is mixing and matching. Lace and ruffles mix oh so brilliantly together.


Lately I’ve been collecting an assortment of cute tops, skirts, and culottes in various textures and colors. Black is always a classic and the simplest to match. It works for almost any occasion.

But then I found myself with one piece in particular from 59 Seconds that was different from the others. The length was longer than your typical top but not long enough to be worn as a dress. It also had a voluminous shape to it. Gorgeous. But how to wear it?



Featured Item: Lace Overlay Layered Hem Sleeveless Top from 59 Seconds, available on yesstyle.com

My love affair with lace and ruffled culottes and skirts arrives to the rescue! I ended up pairing the top with not one, but two skirts. One looked nice, but the volume of the top still overpowered the skirt. It looked…”off” and no one wants that. So I doubled up the skirt with an additional layer- some lace shorts. Not only does it add depth to the look but layered correctly we have what appears to be a seamless dress!


I’m sure the top was intended to be worn with pants or leggings, however I’m rather fond of dresses and accepted the challenge of making it work. Now, it is difficult for me to imagine the top without the other pieces! In case you are wondering, here are the individual pieces on their own:


Top right is a bandeau, then a pair of lace shorts, and then a frilly lace and ruffle skirt. Here is the lace overlay ruffled top in more detail:




I was so inspired by the textures that I decided to have my hair compliment the style. There is some teasing to add some volume, which is then smoothed out into a side ponytail. I had some curl in my hair already, and then teased the remaining part of the tail for that bonus texture and volume.

Layers with texture- so lovely! I hope your mix and matching at home has been just as fun.




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Style Focus: Dressing up the Collar

April 10, 2014

I’ll happily admit my attraction to adorable collars, especially on dresses. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to have more fun with the standard blouse collar. It’s easy to think of the school uniform look, but there are ways to move beyond it. The first way to move beyond the traditional collar is to find one paired against a beautiful print (layering a classic collared shirt with a sweater on top is a great way to achieve this). Another way is to find an over-sized expression of your standard collar shapes. The volume alone will take it to another level.

But my favorite way to wear a collar now has been to accessorize it! I’m talking bows, pins, broaches, jewelry- the limit is your imagination!




I didn’t invent the idea… but I am enforcing it into my own style. When I found this top, I was thrilled to see it had a broach styled bow with it. It is not sewn to the top, which means you can easily remove it and even add it to another outfit, scarf, purse, or other fashion hungry piece you might have waiting for it.

Versatility in a fashion purchase is definitely a bonus.

Featured in this Post:

Ringnor Long-Sleeve Printed Peplum Top, available on yesstyle.com

Petit et Belle Rhinestone Leopard Face Chain Collar Pin, available on yesstyle.com

White Blouse with Studded Collar, available on yesstyle.com





The bow definitely makes it more playful, like something out of a cartoon (to me, that’s a good thing). Now I keep looking for more accessories, like this cool collar “necklace” that pins to either side. It is designed for collars, but clearly isn’t limited to it. Again, scarves and purses come to mind. Anything you can pin it to really.

I’ve also been admiring collars that come equipped with their own jewelry such as this gold studded collar. It’s subtle on the white, which I think is a fun touch for spring and summer. Pair it with a pastel or hot color and it is a softer kind of feel, as spikes go, ha.




In the past I wouldn’t button my collars all the way up, rather I would leave them loose. However, now I find myself buttoning every single button for that sharp clean look. Especially with collars like these, I think the look goes much further. What do you think? Are you dressing up your collars ;)



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Happily Ever After

October 19, 2013

I’m married! The weather couldn’t have been lovelier and we are so delighted to have had so many of our family and friends come together as we celebrated our nuptials. Our amazing photographer has a post with photos if you would like to see some of the great moments from our day:

View Wedding Photos on Awake Photography


I hope you enjoy them! There were so many special moments that we are still in a whirlwind from it all. Below are just a few photos of some details of the dress and from our Nuptial Mass.


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Falling In Love With Fall

October 2, 2013

When it comes to fashion, fall has a special place in my heart. It is in this season that we see the most possibilities in terms of textures and layers. Tights add a new dynamic to our existing shoes and outfits; beautiful scarves, jackets, and sweater dresses keep us warm and stylish. Jewelry even gets a new look when layered on top of the various fabric options available.

Deeper, warmer hues make the scene. After so much color from the summer, I thought I would dive in with black, nude, and gold for my first outfit of the season.

Isn’t that clutch dreamy? More on the purse in a moment, first the dress. We have a flowy fabric with minimal structure- it just falls beautifully and follows you as you move. Silky and patterned on one side, the back is a clean black color and breaks up the volume. Stripes like these are very flattering, and the off-white/cream color against the black gives you a softer contrast.

Dresses like this are so comfortable and effortlessly elegant!

Now let’s look at that dreamy clutch, shall we? I think as our clothing becomes heavier in layers, our purses do well to become somewhat smaller. Not necessarily a hold-one-item-only clutch, but a medium sized one that holds just enough while maintaining a strong overall look.

At first glance, this clutch looks like a decorated book. Stunning! It has just enough space to hold a wallet, phone, keys, and other miscellaneous items. I’m liking the larger clutches, especially when going to events. When you wear a beautiful gown, you don’t want a bucket bag at your side, but you want to hold more than just your ID and lipstick. Purses like these have plenty of decor and the functional space to carry the essentials (if not just a little bit more).


DRESS: from Alicegohome available on yesstyle.com

CLUTCH: from SARAH available on yesstyle.com



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Engagement Photos: Our First Preview

October 1, 2013

It’s October and that means our wedding is coming up soon! We are so excited. As we get closer, I thought I would share our first preview from our engagement photos.

Thank you to the beautiful and talented Paige of Awake Photography for such an amazing session! ♥


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Goodbye Summer: A Burst of Color

September 15, 2013

As summer reaches its end and says goodbye, I feel inspired to say farewell with a bright boast of color! When I think of summer, I think of warm sunny days with brilliant pops of color. I think of colorful drinks and refreshing sorbets. One of my favorite treats this summer has been making homemade Grapefruit Campari sorbet- yum!

The beautiful blues of summer skies and swimming pools combined with gardens in full bloom are seen fully here in a dress like this one from 59 Seconds. This adorable dress was only $19 by the way, I love that so much! I’ve received more compliments on this dress than I have for my other floral dresses which begin at double that price point. As a budgeting bride, I will celebrate these little finds as often as I can, ha!

Above is a photo of one of my bridesmaids with me enjoying a couple delicious, color-coordinated cocktails as we say farewell to the summer. I love the colors, but I must admit I am ready for fall.

October is coming up fast, as is my wedding date! Funny how time sneaks up on you. I see many black, ivory, nude, navy, burgundy and gold color combinations coming our way. But until then, let’s have a last look at some beautiful and bold color!


Summer favorites:

Shoes: Either nude or bright and colorful like the orange ones pictured above.

Hairstyle: A dutch braid that goes diagonally in the back and then rests in a natural braid on one side.

Sorbet: Grapefruit and Campari! (somehow, the Campari makes it even more grapefruity)

Pattern: Definitely floral patterns like this one from 59 Seconds, available on yesstyle.com.


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Color Inspired: Style for the Summer Heat

August 9, 2013

My my it is hot out there, but that is always to be expected here in Texas. I’m anxiously awaiting fall for both the (slightly) cooler weather and the styles, but until then we will have to confront the summer heat face to face.

Lighter colors, your white and pastels, are often in the spotlight. They work well in the sun particularly in flowy dresses that allow you to breathe and move freely. Layers are minimized and fabrics are lighter in weight just as much as they are in color. But, with that hot hot heat, I can’t help but bring in a hot pop of color, too.

Beige dresses are becoming a new obsession of mine. They transform so well with how you style them! Add some black layers in the winter or just leave the whole look in nude tones for a very classic and chic look. I found a beige dress recently that had a polka dot pattern in a hot pink color and have since felt inspired. I love muted colors with a single pop of color! Be it your lipstick, nails, shoes, or even a part of the dress itself.

This is the dress that started my beige and pop of hot color inspiration. After placing it in my closet, I realized that I had similar colors and really liked how the beige and bright colors looked together. It was that sublet pop that really stood out.

I intended this to be a summer dress, but I hadn’t considered my other dresses. I thought those to be more of the spring or fall, but more on that in a minute. Here we have a high low hemline that moves in the wind like a set of wings. I love sheer materials and this one is just slightly sheer. The off white/beige base of the dress compliments the bright polka dots beautifully. If it was a bright white, it would risk looking garish. Paired with some nude shoes, this is a chic summer look that will keep you feeling refreshed and stylish.

Dip-Back Dot-Print Dress from Cherryville, available on yesstyle.com


Next, I brought out a dress I had also found on yesstyle.com, this one is an older one. It’s one of those classic dresses that you will wear forever, I know I already have been! It’s very much a “me” dress- the fit, the flow of the fabric, slightly sheer, simple ribbon straps, and mixed textures. Normally when I wear this dress I’ll have a black ribbon in my hair and maybe some black shoes and accessories. Sometimes I go for an all nude tone look- I try to keep it simple and neutral in colors.

This time, I thought I would introduce some color in a very subtle way with a bright pink lipstick. Maybe even some bright nail polish of the same color. It doesn’t show so much in this photo, but in person it’s a great way to add that extra pop of color and liven up your look.

Another thing to consider is brightly colored accessories. Don’t go overboard, just select a couple of statement pieces to stand out against this clean canvas. A bright necklace and jeweled ring perhaps.

Next, we go in the opposite extreme. Here we have a dress that is very rich in color. I like to keep everything else nude in this instance! Nude shoes, nail polish, and a nude or subtle tinted nude lipstick looks gorgeous with a bright dress like this one. This dress is from local designer, David Peck. I adore his dresses, in fact he is making my wedding dress as we speak! So excited!


Finally, we come back to a print that mixes the colors in a dress together. Again here you will notice that the beige color is the base of the dress and the color in the print adds to make it pop. I adore floral patterns, and though I often think of floral for spring- I’m determined to find more ways to wear them year round.


Escape the heat and add some color to make you smile!


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So What? Sew Buttons!

June 29, 2013

I’m not certain who has been enamored with this handbag more, children or fashion minded adults! There’s just so many buttons I suppose you cannot help but to stop and stare. It’s a very fun piece and I personally love it when the little ones come up to me and say hi, then ask if they can touch the buttons. Of course! It is meant to be fun and I love how both the child and adult can appreciate it.

I first found this bag when I was on the hunt for studs and fringe. Both are still very popular, but then I came across the buttons. I hadn’t thought if it before and thought it was clever and unique! Studs are everywhere but who has this many buttons?

Smoothie Fringed Studded Cross Bag, available on yesstyle.com

Funny thing is the bag’s design calls them “studded” which I suppose it is. I just always think of the spikes or square studs you see most available. The buttons make this piece sparkle in the light gorgeously while the fringe adds more life and movement. I adore fringe as much as I adore loose sheer fabrics, both for that very same reason.  It’s the movement. It moves with the wind.

This bag is perfect the way it is. The size is just large enough to carry what I need while giving plenty of space to the buttons and fringe, but not so large that it takes over the entire look. Proportions and balance is something I always consider in a bag. This is a very good carry all daily bag that transitions into the evening well.

I think it would also inspire a very good DIY project! I know I have so many mismatching buttons from various outfits. I keep them because I’m somehow convinced if I throw it away I will need it but I don’t think I’ve ever used them. It would be fun to sew or even glue them onto an old clutch or handbag and give it some new life. You could even go to the craft store and buy an assortment of jeweled or gold buttons and add some embellishing details to an old and forgotten purse.

I’ve always loved buttons and now I have a new way to enjoy them even more!



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