A Chic And Coral Hidden Treasure

April 19, 2009

Hidden treasure never looked so fabulous- and for something as common as this, I love when a designer has fun and adds a bit of luxury into the most simple items we use. Suddenly getting ready in the morning has a much more glamorous feel, and I know I am excited to be using these lovelies.

And possibly the best part, beyond their gorgeous appearance and feel, is the price and location of these gems… Target! They are only 19.99, and are a limited edition so be sure to pick them up while you can. This is an incredible deal for brushes of any kind, let alone fabulously designed ones such as these. It is definitely a steal I had to act quickly on myself, and wanted you to be aware of them as well.

The collection comes from Sonia Kashuk and is called the “hidden treasure” limited edition brush set, the name is perfect. It includes six beautiful brushes and a travel case to match. All the brushes are very soft against the face and very nice, especially for the price. Love it!

Playing with my make up in the morning has a whole new look and feel; fabulous brushes? Can’t go wrong there, a beautiful and stylish move from Sonia Kashuk for Target.


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  1. OH MY GOSH…I have to have these…I’m working on rebuilding my makeup kit for shoots and I absolutely have to have these…thanks for posting this

  2. Aren’t they gorgeous! The moment I saw them I had to track them down and get them, you can check online to see the closest Target that has them still in stock, they are lovely!


  3. I must have those!

  4. yes, they are fabulous! I *love* just playing with them, lol.

    They are limited so I recommend tracking them down quickly before they are gone ;)

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