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Because Every Girl Needs a Classic Black Satchel - PRETTY AND FABULOUS

Because Every Girl Needs a Classic Black Satchel

January 18, 2012

It’s true, every girl needs a classic black satchel to call her own. What makes a purse classic? Well, there’s a certain simplicity about the shape and form of the purse- something structured and clean. Then comes texture and detail. Whether it’s a fine grain texture, a soft quilted design, or a smooth and flawless matte finish- it’s a fashion staple that will last you forever.

And then there’s the detail.. oh beautiful, subtle detail. Sometimes it’s the stitching of the purse itself, or perhaps as in this case- the lock and chain feature. I love how the clasp is very functional in securing the purse, but also adds a nice tough of elegance. The tassle which hangs from the other end of the chain give’s you more movement and lengthens the design.

The rest of the bag speaks for itself- a strong silhouette with a beautiful textured finish.

This is my new new little darling and it’s been getting more attention than I anticipated while I have been out and about. Enough people stopped and asked me about this bag that I wanted to share it with you, and more importantly why I selected it.

When I was shopping for a new bag, this purse called out to me from the simple glimpse of the silhouette. It seemed to be the right shape and size for what I was looking for. I wanted something somewhat lightweight, medium sized, elegant, and with plenty of pockets inside to organize my belongings. The material and structure of the purse seemed solid which was also important to me; I wanted something that wouldn’t bulge or sink when I put my wallet or phone inside.

I also wanted something that was secure, but still easily accessible. The clasp was the perfect answer, as well as a charming extra feature. There is a zipper to close the purse even beneath the clasp for an optional added security.

The handles are firm but comfortable- they keep their form and the integrity of the purse’s design. I adore this bag! And I adore it because it is exactly what I needed for me- it matches my personality, meets my purpose, and functions beautifully.

What do you look for in a classic black satchel? The beautiful thing is you can always have more than one. I know I do! One to match each of my moods and needs. This is my newest beauty and I am quite proud to show her off!

Find some inspiration or your next must have satchel on yesstyle.com. It’s my favorite place to get unique items and catch up on the latest trends.  I also love how you can not only shop by the style of bag, but also by color! Brilliant!

Featured item in this post: Moonbasa Tassled & Chain Satchel


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