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A Decadent Port To Love, The Grandfather Tawny

June 5, 2009


Mmmm, I love a port and this one is exceptional. Definitely a special treat I always look forward to indulging in. I’m delighted any time I find it on a menu, this is a true luxury to me.

The Penfolds Grandfather Tawny Port is something that has to be experienced, it is so rich and smooth with a perfect balance and texture that blends beautifully on the tongue. It is almost like honey and has tastes of raisins, nuts and toffee, with a hint of vanilla near the finish. And it is a beautiful, long finish. It is like candy, but don’t think that it is overly sweet or thick- that isn’t the case at all. It truly is a beautiful balance that must be tasted to be appreciated.

The aroma is heavenly, it makes me smile just to smell it. It is so lovely.

It is called “the Grandfather” to honor the tradition in 1915 when an oak cask that contained a blend of the finest tawnies they had in their possession was set aside and reserved for the Penfold family only. The “Grandfather” refers to the age of the oldest tawnies in the blend and the style you see now is of this same tradition, produceing a decadent and harmonious balance.

This is one that is worth the price when and if you come across it- I highly recommend giving this beautiful tawny a taste. What a beautiful way to enjoy and remember an evening. Cheers.




A Love Of Wine And Its Fabulous Accessories

May 3, 2009

Do you love wine as much as I do? Then I am sure you will love these fabulous accessories. I’ve had quite a lovely collection coming along and felt the need to share it with you- some things make tasting a simpler and more enjoyable process. (Not to mention cleaning up and serving).

Let’s begin with the wine aerator- I love this thing! We’ve always had a decanter, but sometimes you have guests come over rather quickly and want to begin serving immediately (or perhaps you are alone at home and just want a glass without all of the fuss).

This is a gem we were given for Christmas- what an amazing gift, we use this constantly. You pour the wine through the aerator into the glass and it makes a funny little sound as it allows the appropriate amount of air to pass through, letting the wine breathe.

You can really taste what a wine has to offer with this little beauty, I highly recommend one! And they are so simple to use and require very little maintenance in cleaning or storage.

Next is the wine glass tree, pictured far above and right above with glasses. These make the cleaning process so much easier and takes up little space which is a nice bonus. Having a little tree that holds the glasses while they dry saves me a lot of time and work. I can clean the glasses and leave them to hang while I return to my guests- something I much prefer doing.

You can see one of our new pinot noir glasses hanging there, too- we like to have various styles of glasses for all of our varietals, it is fun and delightful for allowing the proper breathing room for the wine.

And finally there is our latest wine toy- the wine refrigerator! This one has two chambers so that we can separate our white wines from our reds. This one is just the right size (so many others can be huge, especially when two chambers are involved), and has the nice wooden shelves that slide out. There is a little blue light inside that adds a nice touch, and overall I like the look of this fridge.

More so, though is the pleasure of having our wines at a lovely temperature and ready to serve. Combined with the aerator, the wine is cool and is allowed to breathe just right. Lovely!


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Celebrating With A Yummy Sauvignon Blanc

April 20, 2009

Last night my hunny and I finally indulged in our latest gorgeous accessory, the wine refrigerator. And naturally, we selected some new wine purchases to go with our beautiful new toy.

We had been looking at wine refrigerators for some time, however could not come across one that wasn’t too big or too small and included two chambers, one for our whites and one for our reds. The ones we did like were never in stock, so the hunt continued until we finally came across one we loved and jumped on it!

And so to celebrate, we began with a bottle of Nobilo, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that is absolutely wonderful. I love New Zealand sauv blancs, they have that crisp, citrus style I love about a sauvignon blanc; and this one is marvelous (as is the price at only $11).

We went through this bottle rather quickly over dinner, and decided to follow with some dessert. Now, I do have a new eiswien I have been meaning to try, but this time we opted for a rose we picked up for a fun taste.

Now, when I think of rose one of my favorites comes to mind- the Belle Glos Pinot Noir Blanc, if you haven’t tried it go pick it up now you will love it! Yes, it is a fabulously pink bottle and you cannot miss it, but the taste is sure to please!

But this was something different, something fun- and something very sweet. It was perfect for dessert, with a fruity taste dense in strawberries. It was very smooth and soft, and rich in sweet fruity flavor. We picked up the bottle on a whim, just to see how it would be and I have to say we enjoyed ourselves.

The bottle is what caught our eye this time as well, and with a further glance at the label we were intrigued and delighted to give it a taste.

We even brought out the wine glasses we were given as a beautiful gift for Christmas- and they are lovely! Just the thing to also celebrate our new wine refrigerator. Am looking forward to many more, I’ll let you know when we open our first red from the fridge. A Burgundy maybe? We shall see.


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Pommard, A Love Of Luxurious French Wines

April 13, 2009

I love wine, and as the evening arrives and all is calm and quiet- I love nothing more than to relax with a glass of Burgundy. Even when we have some guests over for conversation, a bottle of luxurious wine is always present- it makes us warm and happy.

I love all styles of wines, but burgundy- or pinot noir, is my personal favorite.

So I thought this evening I would share with you what I am drinking, and be forewarned, this is certainly an earthy, full, and rich red wine.

It is a 2005, and comes from the appellation of Pommard, France- where only red wines are allowed to be produced. The wines are known for their full bodied tannic quality, and because of it do well with aging. I admit I am opening this one early (five is generally a minimum with this one, and as many as fifteen or more does very well to soften the tannins and bring out the complexity of the fruit flavors and dimensions).

I used one of my fun little wine tools to speed up the breathing process as well as letting it rest, and I must say it was still quite the treat! Definitely holds well with food- something rich and meaty like a filet, especially something gamey like venison or elk. Nom!

Very rich of red fruit- black cherry, black currant, and plum. Love it. Without the Wine Aerator Tool I have it would come across more bitter, which is why it will do better with time. This is certainly something I would purchase again (and let rest for a future celebration or gathering).

Cheers, loves!




Twenty Bottles By Two People In Less Than 15 Minutes

August 13, 2008

Oh you heard it correctly; last night my Fiance and I stumbled into quite the surprise- no to mention unimaginable find.

We actually went to the grocery for a bottle of wine (we had plans to meet with some friends for a drink later that evening). Little did we know at that very moment they were setting up a wine closeout like never before. I like this particular grocery for their selection- their wine steward has an excellent taste and presents a fine selection that competes with shops many times their size. Wow, oh my head this closeout.

Bottles were marked down at half price, and then marked down an additional half price. We purchased three bottles of Conundrum ($30.00) for only $9.00 a bottle. I love to try new wines and this is definitely the opportunity and way to do it.

Some we knew we liked (such as the Kim Crawford, Conundrum, and Groth) and others we knew we liked other varietals from their vineyards and were curious to try others by them- and with these prices it was impossible to pass up. There were some great French wines I have been curious to try as well that were included in the close out, a white Bordeaux among them. Pinot Noir is a favorite of ours and so we purchased some new selections to taste as well.

Oh, here’s a kicker.. when you purchase six bottles (even with the close out) you receive an additional 10% off. Even more enticing to purchase more wine.

The Wine Steward was of great assistance, too- she liked many of the same wines we did and gave us some great recommendations of what to try next. There is so much here I am not quite sure where to start!

Needless to say, there will be some tasting notes posted as I do.

We bought a couple doubles (one bottle is being chilled and not pictured)


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Because Who Doesn’t Love Champagne

August 12, 2008

I love the bubbly, and the Veuve Clicquot is certainly one of my favorites. I would drink it all the time when out and about at night in Miami, not to mention at home as well.

I have Veuve on my mind and a bottle being chilled. Mmm… I love it on its own as a toast to… simply having it or me- who honestly needs an excuse? It is something I like to enjoy for the sake of enjoying. And the Veuve Clicquot Rose is especially special.

Although creating an occasion is always just as delightful.

Marlene Dietrich had it right- and I like to follow in her example on the subject. One of her favorite meals was:

hot dogs and champagne

I LOVE it- simply marvelous.

And that is just it, too- you make it marvelous. And no judgment or false snobbery- it is all about finding what you like and embracing it.

Who cares what other people think? We all have our own tastes. Certainly there are rules to abide but with in those rules are so many possibilities for creativity and uniqueness. Make it your own and make it Glamorous.


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Another Glamorous Beauty Of Belle Glos

August 6, 2008

Belle Glos and Pinot Noir are synonymous with delicious and glamor. You know you are in great hands and know the wine will be grand. The Taylor Lane Vineyard Pinot Noir is among the best in their collection.

Pretty much, when you see the wax dipped bottle- buy it. Don’t even look, just take it home and enjoy it for you are certain to have found a treasure.

Normally this dark burgundy color is what you should seek- and do seek it, but keep in mind the Pinot Noir Blanc Rose with its bright and pink wax color.

If for some strange reason you have yet to seek that one, you are truly missing out. And don’t let false snobbery get in the way if you drink “only red wines” or whatever it might be- there is something to be captured and admired in all wines. It is just a matter of finding the right ones. Don’t let one bad experience spoil a complete varietal for you. Would you do the same with food? I certainly hope not.

This Pinot Noir is everything of its namesake, and a tasting and experience will do far better than words would describe, and I will let you see for yourself. And let me know, too- I love to hear a response.

So Remember- the wax dipped bottle from Belle Glos is guaranteed to be a delight every time. A votre sante.


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Syrah So In Love

August 2, 2008

SO-Normally I wait and finish my glass (or bottle as it often goes) until I begin my post, but this is simply too delightful for patience.

Brian Benson has certainly impressed me and gained a far new respect-this by far is the best Syrah I have tasted, and am anxious to retrieve more of it.

It all started with my fiance and his curiosity to woot and woot wine (of all places). Wow, am I ever pleased and delighted with this find. This particular purchase offered a vertical tasting of a 2004 and a 2005, which if you have read my ‘Vintage Beautiful Vintage’ entry you know it is something I look for. As much as I enjoyed the 2004- and I assure you I most certainly did, the 2005 bottle has vanished faster than any bottle in our household, and believe you me that is saying something.

It is everything I love in a wine and look for in a Syrah. When a dear friend of ours who has worked harvests from South Africa to California alerted us of the beauty of this wine we knew we were in great hands. He informed us that the Denner vineyards produced the best grapes for Syrah and Brian Benson Cellars truely cared for their wines.

He must, too, beginning at such a young age he is certainly in the right place. He began his training at his Grandfather’s vineyard and later his Father’s winery- he learned about the process of wine making before completing elementary school.

This is a beauty to be enjoyed by all and I encourage you to look into a bottle for yourself if not your friends as well. www.BrianBensonCellars.com will give you more about it, and at the age of 25 he is certainly making an impression in the wine industry. Have a taste and delight for yourself- I certainly am and will continue to do so.


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A Rose Tres Tres Belle of Pinot

July 26, 2008

Lovely, beautiful, and incredibly scrumptious. I dare you to find something as divine; this is truly a gem to be treasured and enjoyed. I adore pinot noir and my love only grows stronger here.

Don’t let its adorable color frighten you- it is like no other blanc you may have had before. It has the character and taste of Pinot Noir with that Je Ne Sais Quoi that will keep you happily returning for more. Its priced at about $25 which is perfect, the most delicious pinots are usually priced above $20. Below that price point it becomes a bit of a miss for the most part in my experience, and I much prefer to enjoy my beverages.

Belle Glos Pinot Noir Blanc Rose is a must- MUST, must must must have. It honestly is that many musts.

Look for the wax dipped bottle or simply the pink gleaming in the light, and purchase a bottle (or two I would recommend) to share with friends and loved ones.

This is a dear treat I enjoy for myself or for friends- I love watching their reaction as they taste it for the first time. It is an instant love affair.


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