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Party Time: Which Dress Will You Wear? - PRETTY AND FABULOUS

Party Time: Which Dress Will You Wear?

November 30, 2011

Tis the season… for lots of parties! Whether it is a family get together, celebration with friends, or night out on the town- it is the season to be ready with dresses that will impress the crowds.

Here are some styles that will not only give you a variety, but will also inspire you to have more fun with your party dress planning. We will start with the very “in” style: the caped dress.

Capes are everywhere- from a simple caped sleeve on a blouse to a bold heavy cape on a jacket. You can even add a cape to your favorite dress for a more dramatic character. What I like about this particular dress is that the cape is sheer and lined with ruffles. I adore texture and volume, and this shows that a cape doesn’t have to be traditional. The neutral tones of the dress work well with the shape, too.

When it comes to winter, I think of either neutral, soft shades, or I think of rich colors such as a dark purple, vivid red, dark gray or black. Sometimes the neutral shades are under appreciated. A peach dress with gold jewelry and a fur wrapped collar is a statement of elegance!

DRESS: IAIZO by Seven Princess

Next we have a classic red fitted dress which is perfect for the Christmas party season. It’s fitted with knots of fabric in the front to give it some texture. It makes me think of wrapping presents. The color is a gorgeous red! A girl understands that finding the perfect red is no simple task. I like how this one is vivid with enough depth in the color to give it a natural glow. The texture of the fabric creates subtle shadows that make the red even richer in color.

This is a dress that is sure to get noticed. Wear an elaborate jacket to keep you warm, then reveal the simple beauty of this candy apple dress.

DRESS: Knot front strapless dress from Joanne Kitten, available on yesstyle.com

Here’s another classic- a long black dress. With this much fabric the shape is very important. What I love about this dress is the back! The front is very chic and modest, while the back drops down. It’s elegant with just enough of the sexy factor to keep you feeling gorgeous all night. A strapless sticky bra will keep you comfortable so you can keep your back revealed (just something to consider! If you don’t have one, they’re a small investment and go a long way for both your existing and future wardrobe).

DRESS: Open back maxi dress from SPICY HOLIC, available on yesstyle.com

Finally we look at the very girlie “frills and ruffles” style of dress. This is one of my personal favorites to wear. I like how it is fitted at the top, shows off the waist, then gives you lots of fabric with an uneven hem. It flows, it moves, and it maintains the feminine form beautifully. It’s ruffled- but not over the top. It’s just right!

I decided to go with an ice blue color here, for a snow empress kind of look. This is the dress on its own (I wanted to show it off in it’s natural element), but for the winter season I’ll be adding either a cloak or a soft white fur wrap around the neck. Add some dark jewelry into the neckline- something heavy and jeweled, and you’ll have a completely new look. I think that’s why I’m so fond of dresses like this- feminine, soft toned, and all one color. You can constantly discover new ways to fit it into any season.

I’ve even worn this dress with a black skull necklace, boots, and a black edgy jacket for a more rock and roll kind of look. Neutral dresses really allow your own personality to shine.

This same style dress in a dark purple, burgundy, or emerald color is another thing to consider for the winter season.

DRESS: V neck Ruffle Chiffon Dress from 59 Seconds, available on yesstyle.com

Which style of dress will you be wearing this holiday season? I know I will be wearing all of them!


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