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Shoes: Gaga Inspired (Ooh la la) - PRETTY AND FABULOUS

Shoes: Gaga Inspired (Ooh la la)

July 31, 2010

When I first saw these shoes on yesstyle.com, Gaga (ooh la la) came to mind. With a brilliant red color, insanely high heel, mirror silver shine, and a bow that screams fierce- I had to have them. Yes, they are kind of “out there” but I like to walk that line every now and then.

These are my latest find from KVOLL and they definitely make their presence known. Aside from feeling taller than ever, the shine and design of these heels are sure to gain attention. The rhinestone bow is what does it for me on this pair, for without it all would be lost.

KVOLL Rhinestone “Bow” Platform Sandals

on yesstyle.com

As heels climb higher and higher, we have to make sure the design is kept alive. A platform helps keep your foot comfortable, but too much of either the heel or platform begins to look, well… not the look we are going for lets just say *ha*. I like how the silver divides up the red on the platform heel, slightly softening the height it brings. The lines make it more slender and interesting. But in this shoe, it is all about the sparkly bow. This is a serious pair of red heels!

The bow makes me think of hello kitty, but all grown up. Perhaps that is where Lady Gaga comes to mind for me. I’ve only worn these out once, with a simple structured red dress, simple make up and straight hair. I’ll let the shoes make the statement and stand out on their own.

What fashion inspirations have you been craving?


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  1. AAaaw The way these bloody/scintillating “Fetish fineries” make blow a (as sharp as dizzy) wind of “Fetish Arrogance” Truly is Breathtaking !!! AND I really like the way your pink polish toes subtly tend to enshroud it on a sweet “Girly GLAMorous ” Halo . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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