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Step Into The New Year In Style - PRETTY AND FABULOUS

Step Into The New Year In Style

January 3, 2012

It’s time to get a leg up on your style and start the new year with a bang. The easiest way to add more variety to your wardrobe (and keep the heads turning) is to include leggings into your look. No- not the boring and simple expected kind, but the ones that make you go “oooh!” when you see them. Texture is a big element to consider as well as bright youthful colors and prints.

To show off the designs, I’m wearing a natural toned long top. You’ll notice that even the top can be tied to change up appearances, but more on this piece in a moment. The first and the second pair of leggings have a mix of fabrics that stand out brilliantly in person. Both feature lines of a faux leather material that is ultra silky against the skin, and adds a beautiful shine to your design.

Faux Leather Leggings from SARAH: available on yesstyle.com

I’ve had many fashionistas come up to me to compliment me on the leggings, and then ask if they could touch them! Because the material is a faux leather, you get an almost liquid look that fits seamlessly against the skin (no wrinkles from a thick material that would crease). There is just enough of the material too be creative and not obnoxious, too. The tones in these two might be “normal”, but the designs are anything but that.

With a pair of boots, these leggings make me think of riding pants. With heels, they are an edgy part of your wardrobe. Wear them with a loose top, or even a simple camisole topped off with a form shaped jacket. A military style jacket with a big collar could look extremely haute, too!

Now on to some color….!

These red leggings from WiWi are a bright and bold color that will liven up any outfit. When something is this bright, I like to wear soft pastels, nudes, and cream colors to keep everything in balance. Some sheer light printed tops would look darling with these pants. It will also take an adorable dress to another level! Be daring and embrace the bright colors.

These leggings are by far my new favorite. Again, the style is simple and stunning and the material feels oh so comfortable. Very much a win – win! I wanted to show it off first in the same top so you can see how a change of leggings makes  a difference in the tone of the look, and then show you a wilder side:

With a simple change of the top, the leggings get a new kind of attitude. From classy and chic to wild and ready for a party. I’m very much in love with flowly see-through tops to layer over my outfit. The see-through factor lets the sun shine through and show the form, but give you more versatility in the volume of your style. We like volume- but we must maintain a feminine look and never look like a balloon.

So start playing with colors and prints, keep looks flowy and feminine, and add your own edge into your wardrobe!

PS The boots in the last look are my Convertible Boots which I’ve featured before. This is the newest way I’ve been wearing them. Each time I bring them out I discover a new style- you gotta love that in a shoe!


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