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The Little Red Dress - PRETTY AND FABULOUS

The Little Red Dress

May 4, 2010

This spring and summer is all about mixing nudes with a splash of color. The little black dress may be a classic but what about the little red one?

When the design is simple and classic, dare to add some bold color! The trick with color is to find a balance, you don’t want to over do it. Keep the contras in balance with soft natural tones and controlled splashes of color (as in this case, very light clean make up paired with a bold red dress and red lipstick to match).

The same could be done with a pink or yellow, only in the case of yellow keep your lipstick a peachy tone or play with a hot pink. Find your color and go for it with a classic design. This dress pictured here is a pleated tube dress from KENZI on yesstyle.com. You can view more styles from Kenzi on YES STYLE by clicking below.


A design so simple that stands out from color gives you a lot of options. On its own it is fabulous, but when you mix in accessories it becomes an entirely new look. This dress can be worn simple for the earlier afternoon, and then can be glamed out in the evening with some black tights, accessories, and an elegant updo. Of course, in all of these styling ideas you must maintain a balance.

For this look, I kept my make up simple with soft skin tones for a glowy and natural look. KATE has some great colors that leave a clean and flawless finish, but also goes on smoothly.

I just started using them recently and have been happy with the results. Sometimes eye shadows are flaky and don’t cover, or worse they cover too much and leave a mess. So far these have been treating me nicely, and it feels light on the skin which I like.


I am going to have to try their lipstick and lip glosses next. I wanted to start with the eye shadows to get a feel for quality and I am thrilled. Their mascara is really nice, too. I’ve been using it for a few weeks. It feels very silky, and though sweat-proof it is designed to come off gently with warm water. That’s something I am pretty cautious of, I don’t like anything too harsh. Even normal waterproof mascara is something I use only when I need to since it is rough on your eyelashes. We’ve got to keep them, soft, luscious, and long after all!


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  1. omg your lashes are so long and pretty. i love yesstyle dresses and clothes^^

  2. Awe, thank you! Funny thing is in my family, the one with the long thick lashes is my cousin… who is a boy. I love mine but his are gorgeous, lol. Ah, well… ;D

    I love yesstyle. I’ve been very curious about the skin care products and make up they have on their site and am delighted to see you reviewing them! I’ll definitely be checking up on your site for the latest.


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